We prepared FAQ for you

  • What is the cost of sofa and chair cleaning? Do you have a price list?

    We don’t have a fixed price. Prices are set depending on the photos and the location information you will send. This has several reasons. First, there are sofas in different sizes. Sofa sizes are not standard. There are one seater sofas, two seated or three seated sofas. Some sofas have no cushions, some have single cushions and some of them are made of separable parts. The stains on the sofas also differ. The location for the cleaning service to be offered is also different. Considering the costs ( of labor, accountancy, taxes, advertising, fuel, cleaning substances, car maintenance and staff wages/salaries) the prices offered are highly economical.

  • Can all stains be removed?

    Mostly all stains can be cleaned, but sometimes there times when it is not possible to remove them. We cannot guarantee to remove the stains. It depends on the thpe of the fabric and the stain. A stain of blood may be removed from one sofa but not be removed from another because of the difference of fabric. Sometimes when it is possible to remove tens of pen stains, it may not be possible to remove one single stain. But still we can say that the success rate in stain removal is %80.

  • When will my sofa, chair or mattress dry?

    The time for drying can change but on average it is 24 hours. To speed up the process the windows can be closed and heating can be turned on.

  • When can you come for the cleaning service?

    The appointments will be made on the mutually most convenient day and hour

  • Will the floors get wet?

    Yes, but the water is vacuumed and the floor is wiped right after, which won’t cause any problems.

  • How long will the cleaning take?

    Depending on the size of the sofa and the type of the stain the duration can change but an average sofa is cleaned approximately in 2 hours

  • Is it possible to get rid of the bad smell ( cat pee, smoke etc.) also?

    Yes, the smell is mostly or completely removed

  • Do you go to all parts of Belgium?

    We are based in Gent and offer cleaning services to all parts of Belgium.