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Carpet Cleaning At Home Carpet Cleaning At Home
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Carpet Cleaning At Home

There are 2 methods for carpet washing and the most preferred and more successful method is; It is to take your carpets, wash them in industrial machines, dry them and bring them back. Also this method is cheaper.

In the system applied with the vacuum method at home, if there are stains, the stain removal process is performed first. Then the dirt on the carpet is softened by wetting it with hot and detergent water. After the brushing process, the dirty water on the surface is removed, the dirt is removed with the water, and your carpets are cleaned.

If your carpets are very dirty, this method may be insufficient. But we can say that you will achieve much more than cleaning with vacuuming.

Although there is not much water left on your carpets after the vacuuming method at home, it should be laid on a high place and dried. Drying time is approximately 24 hours.

The m2 fee of our carpet cleaning service is 7.5 Euros.

The square meter calculation is obtained by multiplying the width and length of the carpet. You can find these measurements in the lower corners of the carpet.

It is not possible to make an appointment only for a smaal carpet cleaning. You can request a small carpet cleaning along with sofa cleaning.

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Zeitel Reiniger cleans all sofas, mattresses and chairs with the most suitable method and substances. We make your sofas as clean as ever with our expert staffa and special Karcher brand cleaning machines.

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